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Resources for the ORE sector

A national resource centre for the ORE sector

RESCORE is the national resource centre dedicated to the French ORE sector. It takes the form of a web portal that provides centralised access to various useful information for players in the sector, such as environmental and physical data, reports, recommendations and bibliographies from France Energies Marines’ R&D projects.


Our service offer based on high added value expertise

In order to sustain its development model, France Energies Marines also offers R&D services based on a detailed analysis of the market and adapted to the needs of the industry. It is structured around four areas: engineering and software development, studies and audits, instruments and performance, and representation and coordination.

A collection of publications resulting from R&D work

In 2018, France Energies Marines launched a publishing activity in order to bring together in a single collection books resulting from R&D work. Several recommendation reports, bibliographical summaries and teaching bulletins have already been published or are in the process of being published.


  • Bibliographical Atlas of Biofouling Along the French Coasts in the Context of Offshore Renewable Energy (November 2018) Quillien N. et al., 70 p. > Order
  • Characterisation of the potential impacts of subsea power cables associated with offshore renewable energy projects (May 2021) Taormina et al., 74 p. > Download
  • Recommendations for the quantitative assessment of metal inputs in the marine environment from the galvanic anodes of ORE structures (December 2020) Michelet et al., 34 p. > Download


  • Can fixed-foundation offshore wind farms generate dangerous waves? | COME3T Bulletin N°1 (December 2019) 11 p. > Download
  • Does the colonisation of ORE farms facilitate the introduction and spread of non-indigenous species? | COME3T Bulletin N°2 (December 2019) 11 p. > Download
  • The reef effect induced by wind farms and their grid connection | COME3T Bulletin N°3 (March 2022) 16 p. > Download
  • How can the impacts of an operating wind farm on marine mammals be assessed? | COME3T Bulletin N°4 (March 2022) 20 p. > Download
  • To study the effect on marine ecosystems of noise emitted by offshore wind farms during construction and operation phases, is it relevant to focus on a few species? | COME3T Bulletin N°5 (September 2022) 20 p. > Download
  • Can the development of offshore renewable energy projects and their shore connection have an effect on the evolution of the coastline? | COME3T Bulletin N°6 (September 2022) 20 p. > Download

Valorisation of R&D in scientific publications

Since 2014, France Energies Marines has been committed to ensuring that the results of the R&D work carried out by its team, as well as those of its members and partners, are promoted and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

List of published scientific articles (PDF)

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