Mooring health monitoring for offshore renewable energy systems

Duration: 36 months (2017 - 2020)


Mooring systems used for floating offshore wind turbines differ significantly from those used by the oil & gas sector due to high dynamics in shallow waters. Currently proposed solutions to satisfy these new constraints employ new dispositions and materials whose long-term behaviour is poorly known and remains non-qualified.


To define an in-service mooring system monitoring methodology.

Scientific and technical contents

  • Development of an in-service monitoring methodology from accessible measurements and numerical tools
  • Deployment of the methodology in real conditions at reduced scale
  • Testing of the methodology at full scale through simulations
  • Drafting of feedback on the application of the methodology in real conditions and of deployment recommendations for pilot farms


Project sheet (PDF)

Methodology in video

Partners and funding

This project is led by Centrale Nantes and France Energies Marines.

The total project budget is €588K.

This project receives/received funding from France Energies Marines and its members and partners, as well as French State funding managed by the National Research Agency under the Investments for the Future Programme (ANR-10-IEED-0006-19).

Photo credits: France Energies Marines and Naval Energies

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