Future offshore wind research center at sea

Duration: 12 months (2020-2021)


A finer knowledge of the physical and biological environment surrounding the future offshore wind farms is required for wind resource assessment, improved design conditions, understanding of the interactions between marine environement and the offshore wind turbines. In the meantime, there is a need for a proving ground for a wide spectrum of sensors including wind, waves and currents, measurements instruments, marine fauna detection or biofouling growth. Such an installation would make it possible to carry out multidisciplinary research activities aiming at characterizing the environment and testing some technological components of the future wind farms (dynamic cables, etc.) over a significant period of time. This research platform, unique in France, will constitute a real asset for the development of the French offshore wind industry.


  • To define the needs of the offshore wind sector for a research infrastructure at sea in terms of physical and biological parameters to be collected, qualification of the sensors to be used, technological components to be tested and monitoring methodology to be developed
  • To develop a business model to support such an infrastructure

Scientific content

  • Qualification of needs in terms of environment, sensors, technological components and research activities
  • Inventory of existing platforms, gap analysis and functional description of the best candidate solutions
  • Financial engineering study to evaluate the CAPEX and OPEX of this infrastructure as well as the different sources of financing and available revenues
  • Analysis of the data policy to be implemented according to the activities carried out and the actors investing in the platform
  • Study of the spatial representativeness of the observations collected by the platform on the most relevant sites


Project sheet (PDF)

Partners and funding

This project is led by France Energies Marines.

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The total budget project is €212K.
This project receives funding from France Energies Marines and its members and partners, as well as French State funding managed by the National Research Agency under the Investments for the Future Programme.

Photo credit: Untrakdrover

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