Floating offshore wind turbines operation and maintenance

Duration: 36 mois (2021 - 2024)


The offshore wind operations and maintenance market will grow over the next decade and will become the second largest sub sector market after turbine supply. This huge market size drives considerable research, development and innovation opportunities. This applies even more particularly to maintenance of floating offshore wind turbine installations that face specific challenges, that need to be addressed to ensure competitive energy costs and acceptable operational risk. This concern is all the more relevant to the Gulf of Lion where pilot and commercial farms will be deployed in the near future.


  • To progress the development of heavy lift solutions for floating offshore wind turbines offshore maintenance
  • To provide high resolution short term metocean forecasts over the Gulf of Lion for maintenance operations


Heavy lift offshore maintenance methods

  • Investigation of methods and technologies for heavy lift offshore operations in floating wind farms through workshops with stakeholders
  • Assessment of a selected heavy lift solution through numerical simulations considering different turbine and floater designs
  • Validation of the method statement through basin tests

High resolution probabilistic forecasts

  • Construction of the dataset, including implementation of in-situ surveys
  • Development of wind and wave learning-based model : end to end architecture, tuning and testing on test site, transfer learning
  • Implementation of an online forecasting system with scoring: iterative design with end-users feedback


FLOWTOM project sheet (PDF)


This project is led by France Energies Marines.

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The total budhet of this project is €1,600K.

This project receives funding from France Energies Marines and its members and partners, as well as French State funding managed by the French National Research Agency under the France 2030 investment plan. This project is financially supported by Bretagne region.

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Crédit photo : Yohann Boutin

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