Seanergy 2022

We were at Seanergy 2022 from 15 to 16 June. We were delighted to discuss with you on this occasion and to present our upcoming projects and our R&D services. We also had the opportunity to promote the position of Head of the Eastern Channel and North Sea office which we are creating, and which is currently open for recruitment.

Jehanne Prevot, R&D manager for the environmental integration of ORE in our team, and Lisa Garnier, R&D manager for biodiversity at RTE, led a pitch on the research projects conducted jointly by our two entities.

Yann-Hervé De Roeck, our executive director, made a focus on the work of the IEA-OES, just before launching the poster session.

Four posters were also submitted to present the work from R&D projects carried out with our members and partners:

  • Optimal sensors siting for offshore wind reconstruction using Gaussian Mixture Models – Marcille R., et al. (FLOWTOM project)
  • Automatic classification of biofouling images on marine renewable energy structures using Deep Learning – Signor J., et al. (ABIOP+ project)
  • Inspection planning of a floating offshore substation through the use of the value of information – Ahmadivala M., et al. (MOSISS project)
  • Analysis of scenarios for hydrogen production combined with offshore wind – Robert R., et al. (OPHARM project)

Photo credit: Seanergy

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