Head of the Eastern Channel and North Sea Branch office (F/M)

Job Description

France Energies Marines is a national institute federating R&D actors in the MRE sector by engaging in actions on all maritime facades. The strong development of offshore wind energy in the Eastern Channel and North Sea, with the first wind farms under construction and the prospects for the deployment of future wind farms growing rapidly, raises many questions about the integration of these systems in the maritime environment. In response, the Institute is stepping up its R&D initiatives, in close collaboration with the region’s academic players and companies wishing to develop in this area. These actions are based on the development of offshore infrastructures that must be controlled from a local antenna.


Under the authority of the General Manager, the Head of the Channel and North Sea Branch office is responsible for:

  • supporting the operational activities of FEM on this coastline by accompanying the implementation of R&D projects and service activities whose work relies on the use of FEM’s offshore infrastructures;
  • ensuring the management of the branch office by leading a team of 3 to 5 collaborators (researchers and staff dedicated to offshore operations) and by organizing the logistics of the branch office.

The Head of the Channel and North Sea Branch also participates in the regional development of the institute by developing partnerships with public and private actors in the region in the areas of R&D and training.

Required Skills

Initial background
Engineer or PhD in applied science (mechanical or energetic) or in marine science

Specific knowledge

• Operation and maintenance of offshore systems
• Physical experiments and offshore operations

• Marine renewable energy technologies
• Management of embedded systems

Professional background
At least 6 years in a company with a strong R&D component or an applied research laboratory in the offshore sector with experience in operation and maintenance of offshore systems

Professional skills
• Organization, autonomy, strength of proposal
• Good communication and writing
• Ability to federate cross-functional teams
• Fluency in French and English, both written and spoken


Job : Head of the Eastern Channel and North Sea Branch office (F/M)

Reference : FEM-SAS-2022-058

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