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Collaborative projects, 2021 launches

Eight collaborative R&D projects supported by the Investments for the Future programme will officially start in the second half of 2021. They have been built on the basis of themes identified as priorities for the development of the sector.

Wind and atmospheric turbulence observations for floating wind farms in the Mediterranean,

  • POWSEIDOM: Observations of wind and atmospheric turbulence for floating wind turbines in the Mediterranean
  • MODULLES: Modelling of underwater dunes at different scales
  • DIONYSOS:  In-service monitoring of floating wind turbines with digital twins
  • ECOCAP: Environmental risk assessment of galvanic anode and impressed current cathodic protection systems
  • FISH OWF:  Strategies for monitoring interactions between fish and offshore wind farms
  • MUTANC: Shared anchors for floating wind farms
  • OPHARM: Hydrogen production from ORE systems > See project page
  • FLOWTOM: Operation and maintenance strategies for floating wind farms
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