CFI At sea cable monitoring

The HT-20MW project, supported by ADEME and led by Eolink, aims to design, test and certify a high-voltage rotating mechanical and electrical connection for a 20 MW floating wind turbine. As part of this project, France Energies Marines is responsible for the batch on the qualification of monitoring solutions for dynamic cables.  A sea trials campaign is planned, with the aim of testing devices for recording the deformation of dynamic cables over time and space. A call for interest supported by Pôle Mer Bretagne Atlantique has also been launched to test sensor technologies.

Read the OCASS CFI file (PDF)

This call for interest will enable France Energies Marines and Eolink to gain a better understanding of the technologies available on the market, at different levels of maturity, for the instrumentation of future dynamic cables and will enable technology developers to gain a better understanding and maturity of their monitoring solutions. At the end of the tests, the results will be promoted through presentations at conferences, publications in scientific journals and presentations at exhibitions.

To find out more about how this call for expressions of interest works, a presentation webinar was held on 13 February. There were many participants and questions.

Q&A Session of OCASS Webinar (PDF)

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Photo credit: Francois Guérin/Hippocampe

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