Webinar on Challenges and Opportunities for ORE

The collaborative R&D projects set up by France Energies Marines are selected according to a process that ensures transparency and relevance of scientific content. The Scientific & Technological Committee, made up of independent experts from all over the world, plays a key role in the evaluation of these projects. A webinar led by 4 members of this committee on the challenges and opportunities for offshore renewable energies was held on 14 December. It was a good opportunity to discuss with internationally renowned scientists in their field of ORE.

The programme was as follow:

  • Presentation of the Scientific & Technological Roadmap of the Institute – Jean-François FILIPOT, France Energies Marines > Replay
  • R&D activities on the floating offshore wind technologies at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Senu SIRNIVAS, NREL > Replay
  • Interoperability in offshore transmission – Salvatore D’ARCO, SINTEF > Replay
  • Using Marine Energy to Support Ocean Observations: Powering the Blue Economy – Andrea COPPING, PNNL > Replay
  • Assessment of marine operations in the offshore wind industry – Torgeir MOAN, NTNU > No replay available

Photo credit: Andrej Pol/AdobeStock

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