Mistral Mission May 2022

Campaign in the Mediterranean

Two operations at sea were conducted at the Mistral test site, located in the Gulf of Fos, on May 3 and 17 on the multi-instrument buoy of the MEMOFLOW observatory:

  • Within the framework of the ECOCAP project, two types of passive contaminant samplers were deployed for a period of two weeks: DGT (Diffusive Gradient in Thin films) prepared by Ifremer, and chemcatchers® prepared by the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory of the University of Aix-Marseille. The membranes will now be analysed in the laboratory.
  • In the framework of the ABIOP+ project, the multi-parameter probe has been redeployed after a complete maintenance this winter.

This was also an opportunity to replace the anode of the subsurface float of the buoy. These operations were conducted in collaboration with the SENSEA company, with optimal weather conditions.

Preparatory phase (left) – Anode replacement (top right) – Devices installed on the buoy (bottom right)

Photo credit: France Energies Marines

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