Sea Tech Week 2022

The Sea Tech Week 2022 edition will be dedicated to maritime transport, with a focus on solutions to make this sector more sustainable. This is a great opportunity for France Energies Marines to propose a session on the possibility of distributing hydrogen produced by offshore wind farms as fuel for ships. The session will take the form of a round table and will aim to bring together the points of view, issues and constraints of the various stakeholders involved in this issue.

This session will be held on 28 September, from 3.15 pm to 5.30 pm. The speakers who have already confirmed their presence are

  • Emeline Belin who will outline the Sofresid Engineering company’s offshore distribution platform project,
  • Marie Robert from France Energies Marines who will present a digital tool for analysing hydrogen production at sea, currently being developed as part of the OPHARM collaborative project,
  • Annie Le Gall, from the Institut des Matériaux de Nantes, who is carrying out research on the marinisation of electrolysers.

Contacts have also been made to propose the testimonies of a ship fleet operator and a port actor.

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Photo credit: Coqueliko / Campus mondial de la mer

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