Public report from the ANODE project

With the development of ORE, the effects of anode degradation have been questioned within civil society and relayed by state services. It was therefore important to be able to provide scientifically substantiated answers to this question. It is in this context that the ANODE project was initiated. Its objective: to quantify the chemical compounds emitted by the galvanic anodes of ORE structures and the risk associated with their dispersion in the marine environment.

After 12 months of work, a public report has just been published containing:

  • An explanation of the methodology combining hydrodynamic modelling of metal releases and ecotoxicological expertise,
  • Conclusions on the results obtained,
  • Recommendations for future monitoring of metals in ORE farms.

This report, published by Editions France Energies Marines, is the result of a joint writing between Ifremer, INERIS, the University of Caen Normandy, the University of Toulon and our Institute. It can be freely downloaded here.

Recommendations report – ANODE project

Photo credit: Pichitstocker / AdobeStock

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