Herveline Gaborieau

3 questions for Herveline Gaborieau

Herveline Gaborieau is Development Manager at France Energies Marines.
This interview was conducted as part of France Energies Marines’ 2020 annual report.

Since when and why does France Energies Marines offer services?

France Energies Marines has been offering services ever since it was first created, but it was really with the recognition as an Institute for Energy Transition in 2019 that service provision became a key focus for us. There was strong demand from the French State and this recognition was important in proposing a high quality offering. We worked on this extensively from 2018 onwards, before launching this activity in 2020. Today this component is on track to become a full-fledged activity.

What types of services does the Institute offer?

We mainly focus on project management support and conducting studies for which we are sometimes required to work as part of a consortium with consultancy firms. We also offer expertise coordination, such as with the COME3T project, as well as R&D coordination for the sector. Today, we are developing the operational use of our measurement equipment (environmental buoys, electromagnetic field measurement stations, biofouling characterisation, etc.) in order to make them available to the sector. Our goal is to be able to offer in situ observation capabilities with a view to adapting protocols and gaining knowledge within the areas assigned for future offshore renewable energies. We also offer software engineering and development services. We have numerical tools and algorithms that we can adapt to respond to a company’s specific issues.

What sets France Energies Marines apart from other players in this market?

Our most valuable assets are our resources, our team, and our project findings that are integrated in databases and published in reports. Based on these assets, we are able to offer bespoke expertise or even B2B R&D. Our clearly established position is to assist consultants, industrial firms, Government departments and local authorities in order to identify the solution that best fits their needs.

Photo credit : France Energies Marines

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