10 years of France Energies Marines

10 years already!

In 2009, the Grenelle de l’Environnement recommends creating a national offshore renewable energy technology platform to catalyse partnership research and coordinate the setting up of sea test sites, which are essential for validating the technologies.

Submitted in March 2011, the France Energies Marines project obtained official certification one year later. Set up in response to the call for projects for the Institutes of excellence in decarbonated energy. It is based on a broad public-private partnership, reflecting a strong national ambition in terms of R&D dedicated to offshore renewable energy.

In 2015, the Institute signs a framework agreement with the French Research Agency (ANR) that is materialised by the implementation of an original process of calls for projects, supported by the Investments for the Future Programme and coordinated by the ANR. It enables the co-financing of projects based on themes from the European roadmap for the strategic development of offshore renewable energies, adapted by France Energies Marines to the expectations of French industrialists. Within this framework, the Institute sets up and manages all the projects proposed by its members.

In 2019, France Energies Marines obtained from the French government the agreement to become an Institute for the Energy Transition (ITE) dedicated to offshore renewable energy. This decision allows the Institute’s activities to be developed on a long-term basis and to expand the French industry’s shared R&D efforts. The strategic priorities are the reduction of the cost of ORE and its integration into the marine environment.

Today, with more than 60 employees, the Institute has the largest multidisciplinary team exclusively dedicated to marine renewable energy R&D in France. In 2021, its annual budget was €5.5m. France Energies Marines has also set up, leaded and contributed to more than 65 collaborative R&D projects, supported by its members and partners in France and abroad.

Photo credit: Free Photos / Pixabay

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