Intrumentation deployment off Dunkerque

Successful deployment off Dunkerque

Underwater dunes are common in the area where the future Dunkerque offshore wind farm will be located. Their high morphological variability and high displacement speed may have an impact on the ORE structures and require increased monitoring operations.

Understanding the sedimentary dynamics of submarine dunes in this area is therefore necessary in order to offer technology developers and industrialists tools and approaches adapted to this type of environment.

It is in this context that the collaborative project DUNES was launched in 2019. In addition to high-frequency bathymetric surveys, instrumentation to measure current and sediment flows has just been successfully deployed. Three current meters (ADCP), a velocimeter (ADV) and a hydrophone were installed for six weeks by CERES and France Energies Marines. They will be recovered in early July and then the analysis of the data collected can begin.

Photo credit: France Energies Marines

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