National resource centre for offshore renewable energies

Successful beta test for the future resources centre

The future national resource centre dedicated to ORE has just passed an important stage in its development with a successful first beta test. This test was carried out with international ORE sector stakeholders involved in the expression of needs at the beginning of the project. Improvements related to the ergonomics of the web portal and to certain functionalities were proposed. After integrating these changes and adding a significant amount of data, a new test will be conducted during the summer.

Once the additional developments have been completed, the resources centre will be ready for an official launch in December. It will provide access to information describing resources useful to the ORE sector such as site characterisation data, environmental data, technological components and systems, as well as reports, methodologies, recommendations, bibliographies, impact studies and other information from France Energies Marines’ R&D projects.

Photo credit: Insspirito and AJS1 / Pixabay

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