Seminar on underwater dunes

See you on 31st March in our facilities in Plouzané

Alice Lefebvre, researcher at MARUM – the Centre for Marine Environmental Sciences of the University of Bremen – will be honoured to lead a seminar on the geomorphology of underwater dunes. This will be held on 31 March, from 2 to 3.30 pm, at the France Energies Marines headquarters in Plouzané. Alice’s talk will focus on dunes found in shallow waters: rivers, estuaries, channels, and continental shelves. Using examples from her research, she will describe how dunes interact with currents, creating various morphologies, and why it is relevant to study them.

An international speaker

Alice Lefebvre’s research focuses on the interaction between hydrodynamics, geomorphology, and sediment dynamics with a particular interest in hydraulic dunes. She studied geology and oceanography at the University of Bordeaux (France) and Southampton (UK). In 2009, she obtained a PhD in coastal oceanography at the National Oceanography Center in Southampton. Since then, Alice has been working at MARUM in Germany and is mainly interested in the complex interaction between hydrodynamics and large dune fields in rivers, estuaries, channels, and continental shelves. To do this, she has worked with field data and numerical models.
Alice is the scientific co-leader of the collaborative project MODULLES, which studies the local and large-scale evolution of underwater dunes using different modelling approaches.

Photo credit: France Energies Marines

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