European Researchers Night

Researchers’ Night

Once again, this year, our team will be taking part in the European Researchers’ Night. This public event is a great opportunity to meet researchers from all backgrounds in hundreds of towns and cities across Europe, including 16 in France. The festive atmosphere and innovative events are sure to make this evening dedicated to popularising science a success.

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Expertly organised by Océanopolis, the Brest event attracts 4,000 visitors every year. Around the theme of the evening, ‘No(s) futur(s)’, more than 200 scientists have racked their brains to design educational and interactive workshops. At France Energies Marines, we wanted to look at energy in the future. Indeed, producing enough energy to meet humanity’s needs at an acceptable cost is undoubtedly one of the challenges we need to face now, and even more so in the coming decades. One of the solutions lies in the use of renewable marine energies coupled with a reduction in overall energy consumption. The prospects are vast, as are the research needs to support this dynamic. This includes emerging industrial sectors such as the installation and operation of floating wind farms and the production of hydrogen from renewable energies, which must be developed as locally as possible.

Meet at Océanopolis on Friday 29 September at 7 pm to dive into the world of Tecnaria which will be in the Brittany pavilion!

Photo credit: NEDC2023

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