Monitoring of dynamic cables

Dynamic submarine cables, which are required to export the electricity produced by all floating renewable energy systems, are critical components subject to much more varied constraints than their static counterparts. Their in-service monitoring is therefore of paramount importance. Some technologies are used for monitoring submarine cables, but they have their limitations and are not always suitable for monitoring a dynamic cable in operation. The DYNAMO research project was set up to address this issue and a recommendation public report based on the work carried out in the framework of this project was released in the last few days.

Download the DYNAMO recommendation report (PDF)

What this document contains?

  • Recommendations to orient the next works and promote the fastest development possible of reliable and efficient monitoring technologies
  • Methodology for predicting and detecting dynamic cable failures
  • Review on the tools developed for selecting and deploying sensors at the scale of a wind farm

Who is this report for?

  • Research and innovation organisations
  • Developers and operators of wind farms
  • Providers of monitoring and engineering solutions related to subsea dynamic power cables

What is the background of this work?

  • DYNAMO project which is a co-investment by 7 industrial and academic players as well as France Energies Marines over the 2020-2022 period
  • Broader framework of research and innovation investments in dynamic cables supported by France Energies Marines since 2016
  • Research based on academic & industrial literature review, feedback from the project partners, and experimental electrical and mechanical tests on samples of a dynamic cable

Photo credit: France Energies Marines

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