DYNAMO faces

The new faces of DYNAMO

Issam Bencheikh

Issam Bencheikh

Issam Bencheikh has just joined the DYNAMO collaborative project, which deals with the in-service monitoring of dynamic subsea cables used to export the electricity produced by floating ORE systems. As a postdoctoral research fellow on the mechanical aspects, he will work on the failure modes and instrumentation of this type of cable.

In 2006, after obtaining a technical baccalaureate in electronics at Safi in Morocco, Issam brilliantly continued his higher education in eastern France where he gradually turned towards mechanics. Naturally curious and eager to understand the different aspects of the same subject, he obtained a first Master’s degree in energy mechatronics in 2013, followed by a second one focusing on digital development and modelling applied to mechanics. Issam then began a PhD on the machining of metallic materials and the study of coated cutting tools. For two years, he also taught at the Ecole des Mines de Nancy, where he was in charge of practical and technical work for mechanical engineering students. After that, Issam worked for a year in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges on additive manufacturing, as part of a postdoctoral contract.

When he became aware of the offer of a postdoctoral researcher in mechanics for the DYNAMO project, he was seduced. On the one hand, because of the field of application that is offshore renewable energies, and on the other hand, because of the challenge of in-service monitoring of high voltage submarine cables that have to withstand major mechanical, thermal and electrical loads. The collaborative aspect with a strong connection to the industrial sector is also very motivating for him. Despite Finistère’s bad reputation in terms of weather, Issam did not hesitate for a second and says he is delighted with his choice!

Ali Al Ibrahim

Ali Al Ibrahim

Ali Al Ibrahim began his mathematics studies at the Lebanese University. In 2015, he joins the University of Strasbourg for a Master’s degree during which he realizes an internship on electromagnetic compatibility. In 2017, Ali starts a PhD at the Pascal Institute of Clermont-Ferrand on the control of electromagnetic fields in transmission lines and free spaces. The aim was to correct faults in cabling networks. To achieve this, Ali carries out both digital and experimental work. He obtained his thesis on 28 January 2021 and a few days later began his contract as part of the DYNAMO project.

During his mission as a postdoctoral research fellow, he will identify the failure modes that can occur on dynamic cables and more particularly develop instrumentation to anticipate and detect electrical faults, often following important mechanical solicitations. His work will therefore be completely complementary to that of Issam.

If Ali has applied for this position, it is because it was recommended to him by someone he trusts and because it is completely in line with his PhD work. The quality of the research carried out on ORE by France Energies Marines, its members and partners also played a part in the balance because it is a guarantee for future opportunities. Ali is very appreciative of the warm welcome he has received, particularly from the Institute’s team, which has been very kind to him.

Photo credits : France Energies Marines and Ali Al Ibrahim

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