Launch of RESCORE

Launch of RESCORE

A national resource center

RESCORE is an online resource center providing access to information relevant to the development of the offshore renewable energy sector in France. This center currently focuses on the results of France Energies Marines’ R&D projects, but it will gradually welcome data from various players in order to provide a single access point for the development of the sector. By complying with European and international data formatting standards, it has the advantage of being interoperable and thus open to the main French and foreign resource centres.

A web portal with an ergonomic map tool

RESCORE is a web portal where data can be searched according to many criteria, such as the type of technology involved or the coastline concerned, and visualised via an ergonomic map tool. The basic function is to display metadata related to data. The existence of this data and the identity of its owner are thus made public. Their availability depends on the degree of confidentiality or the right of use decided by their owner. RESCORE thus offers to any producer of data in the sector possibilities of valorisation which have not been exploited so far. Several tutorials have been produced to accompany users from their first visit. More than 150 metadata sheets are already available: site characterisation, environmental parameters, characteristics of components and systems, reports, bibliographical studies, etc.


Consulting & Contributing

RESCORE is aimed at all the players in the ORE sector: developers, operators and owners of pilot and commercial farms, technology developers, engineering firms, decision-makers at national and regional level and academic researchers. Everyone can interact in two ways:

  • Consulting: Due to its centralization vocation, RESCORE is the privileged access point for data specific to offshore renewable energy in France. It therefore ensures that users can efficiently consult the data currently available and related to the chosen search criteria.
  • Contributing: Contributing data or integrating metadata in RESCORE gives them a high visibility with the possibility of a financial income for their owner. The contributors have thus interesting counterparts laying the foundations of a win-win relationship.

The development of RESCORE was funded by the French National Research Agency, France Energie Eolienne and RTE.

Photo credit: Agence Appaloosa

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