HCR – Breaking waves and offshore wind

See you on 13 May at 10:00 am (CEST) in Plouzané for the Jean-François Filipot‘s habilitation to conduct research (HCR) on wave breaking and the applications to offshore wind energy.

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This presentation will present the research efforts devoted to the improvement of the characterisation of breaking waves and their multiple effects on offshore wind turbines.
It will first focus on the definition of the breaking wave criterion which is important for the design of offshore wind turbines. It will then present recent advances in the parametrisation of wave breaking statistics, which are necessary to identify design sea states (when slamming forces are considered). This is followed by a description of the work undertaken to improve spectral sea state models, used to obtain the climatology of sea states at the location of offshore wind farms. Observational work to capture the focus of wave energy (potentially including breakers) will then be presented. Experimental efforts from the La Jument lighthouse to observe interactions between large breaking waves and offshore structures will also be presented.
The different perspectives for the improvement of the above-mentioned research axes will be given, and the extension to other applications will be discussed.

Composition of the jury

Photo credit: Public Domain Pictures/Pixabay and France Energies Marines

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