FEM Tribune 2018

2018 Scientific and Technical Tribune

    26 November 2018
    Plouzané, France


    Conference Opening Remarks
    Julien Marchal, France Energies Marines
    Recent advances in the R&D of offshore wind turbines, with emphasis on floating facilities
    Pr Torgeir Moan, NTNU

    France Energies Marines, Institute of the Energy Transition for the ORE sector
    Yann-Hervé De Roeck, France Energies Marines


    Food webs and the socio-ecosystem approach: towards a better understanding of the effects of offshore renewable energies on the environment
    Chairwoman: Morgane Lejart, France Energies Marines

    • Potential ecological impacts of MRE projects – Antoine Carlier, Ifremer
    • Submarine power cables & environmental impacts – Lisa Garnier, RTE
    • Modeling of human maritime activities: RME & the human dimension – Damien Le Guyader, Terra Maris
    • APPEAL, socio-ecosystem approach to the impact of floating wind farms – François Le Loc’h, Université de Bretagne Occidentale

    Bottom-to-surface connections: the challenge of floating wind turbines
    Chairman: Guillaume Damblans, France Energies Marines

    • Examples of need of MRE research projects – Aymeric David, Bureau Veritas
    • Dynamic cables: ageing mechanisms? – Maud Franchet, EDF
    • Optimizing mooring solution for reducing cost – Mathieu Keryer, Naval Energies
    • POLYAMOOR project – Yann Marco, ENSTA Bretagne

    Storms, cyclones, rogue waves: extreme events impacting offshore renewable energy devices
    Chairman: Jean-François Filipot, France Energies Marines

    • CARAVELE, Observing the ocean surface over extremes from space – Bertrand Chapron, Ifremer
    • Extreme sea states in the coastal area and impacts on MRE devices – Mathias Delpey, SUEZ Eau France
    • Wave observations using stereo-video system – Fabien Leckler, SHOM

    French offshore test sites: unique infrastructure to support development of the sector
    Chairman: Nicolas Germain, France Energies Marines

    • SEM-REV offshore test site, – Antoine Felix-Henry, Centrale Nantes
    • Testing tidal devices in an estuary: case studies at SEENEOH test site – Matthieu Blandin, Valorem
    • Theorem, a national research infrastructure to be promoted at a European level – Christophe Maisondieu, Ifremer
    • MISTRAL test site – Nicolas Germain, France Energies Marines

    Conference Closing Remarks
    Yann-Hervé De Roeck, France Energies Marines

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