Resource and site characterisation


    The list of partners indicated in this page is progressive and non-exhaustive.


    Support to farm developers and government offices in quantification of the energy resource and characterisation of sea states at ORE sites

    • Types of resources
      • Waves: precise characterisation of wave breaking, coast and extreme sea states by coupling modeling with in-situ and satellite observations
      • Tidal streams: characterisation of current and associated turbulence by coupling in-situ measurements and numerical modelling
      • Winds: precise characterisation of winds and associated turbulence by coupling modelling and satellite observations
    • Scope
      • Selection of characterisation means (waves, currents, winds)
      • Support for the preparation of measurement campaigns
      • Assistance in the processing and analysis of collected data
      • Selection of models and development of customised codes
      • Preparation of digital studies integrating the parametrisation of models
      • Short-term wind forecast for farm operation (under development)


    Several collaborative R&D projects on the characterisation of offshore wind and tidal sites

    • Tank tests and measurement campaigns from La Jument lighthouse, in the Alderney Race and in the Ria d’Etel (DIME, ELEMENT, HYD2M, PHYSIC and THYMOTE projects)
    • Capturing high-resolution spatial variability of wind fields (CARAVELE project)
    • Improvement of the representation of sea states in the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea (DIME and DIMPACT projects)
    • Improvement of the knowledge of hydrosedimentary processes and turbulence in the Alderney Race (HYD2M, PHYSIC and THYMOTE projects)
    • Development of the site characterisation module of the DTOcean+ software suite dedicated to the optimisation of tidal and wave farms (DTOCEANPLUS project)


    Team of physical oceanographers with complementary expertise: atmospheric flow, sea states, hydrosedimentary dynamics, water turbulence

    Dedicated instrumentation

    • Stereo video cameras to film waves propagation in real time and in 3D in a 100 m square
    • 4 measuring cages and instruments that can be attached to them: 5-beam ADCP, hydrophones, acoustic receivers, stereo video, camera

    Digital tools

    • Currents and sedimentary dynamics: CROCO
    • Site characterisation: module of DTOcean+
    • Python tools developed for data processing analysis of model results, machine learning, etc.


    • Alderney Race
      • Currentology and hydrosedimentary processes measured with ADCP, point current meters and hydrophones
      • Hydrokinetic Resource Mapping by HF and VHF Radar
      • Current and turbulence measurement with double ADCP
      • 3D high-resolution maps of currents calculated taking into account the sea state
    • Paimpol-Bréhat
      • Currentology and waves measured with ADCP

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