Marine life monitoring


    Support of engineering consultancy firms, farm developers and government offices in the environmental monitoring of ORE projects during the different operational phases

    • Biofouling : development and implementation of protocols for monitoring biofouling development on the floats, moorings or turbines of OREsystems, determination of biofouling composition, study of the influence of environmental variables on biofouling development
    • Other interactions
      • Ambient noise: development of protocols to study interactions between marine ecosystems and ORE farms
      • Electromagnetic fields: development of methodologies and protocols for assessing the effects of electromagnetic fields on marine ecosystems, recommendations for medium and long-term monitoring


    Several collaborative R&D projects on environmental integration of ORE

    • Development of an operational passive acoustic observation method to quantify and assess the effects of ORE projects on the benthic compartment (BENTHOSCOPE and BENTHOSCOPE2 projects)
    • Development of measurement and monitoring methodologies and tools to record electromagnetic fields in situ, development of protocols to determine the influence of electromagnetic fields on the behaviour of marine organisms (SPECIES project)
    • Development of biofouling characterisation protocols taking into account site and component specificities (ABIOP and ABIOP+ projects)


    Teams with complementary and cross-disciplinary expertise: marine mammals and ichthyofauna, benthic ecology, biofouling, operations at sea, etc.

    Dedicated instrumentation

    • Video system with anti-fouling protection that can be deployed up to 200 m depth
    • Multichannel underwater acoustic recorder equipped with 4 hydrophones, usable on a structure deployed on the seabed and in drifting condition under a buoy
    • Station for fixed measurement of electromagnetic fields, deployable up to 50 m depth, with enough autonomy for continuous operation over several days
    • Multi-parameter sensors (NKE, HOBO)
    • Supports for deploying different materials in order to follow the in-situ colonisation


    • Biofouling along the French coasts : protocols and measured data


    • Quillien N. et al. (2018) Bibliographical atlas of biofouling along the French coasts in the context of ORE. Plouzané: France Energies Marines Editions, 70 p. > Order
    • FEM, DCNS, EDF, Ifremer (2013) Guide to the environmental impact evaluation of tidal stream technologies at sea, 179 p. > Download

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