How to optimise wind turbines design and offshore operations according to sea states?

    Our offer

    Supporting technology and farm developers to optimise system design and offshore operations based on solid experience in sea state observation and modelling

    • Extreme sea states: estimation of 50-year design sea states for a given site
    • Slamming: definition of slamming loads on an offshore wind turbine
    • Dangerous areas: characterisation of high-amplitude wave areas at the ORE sites
    • Coastal hydrodynamics: 3D wave field reconstruction using stereoscopy

    Our references

    • Leading and scientific contribution to the COASTWAVE, DIME and DIMPACT collaborative projects
      • Improvement of the representation of extreme sea states in the Atlantic and Mediterranean
      • Characterisation of coastal sea states and breaking waves using satellite observations
      • Instrumentation and measurement campaigns from offshore observatories: La Jument lighthouse in North Brittany, Unitech Zefyros floating wind turbine off Norway
      • Recommendations for the industrial sector
    • Service provided for a private player in the water sector
      • Measurement campaign and numerical reconstruction of waves to better understand sea states and submersion on the Grande Plage of Biarritz in South West France

    Our resources

    • A team of oceanographers with complementary skills: modelling and observation of extreme sea states
    • Protocol and instrumentation
      • Proven protocol to instrument offshore structures to study wave/structure interactions
      • System of stereovideo cameras to film wave propagation in real time and in 3D
      • Pressure sensors
      • Datawell Directional Wave Buoy, Waverider DWR MKiii model (diameter 70 cm)
      • ADCP to measure wave parameters over long periods (several months)
    • Numerical tools
      • Spectral models (WAVEWATCH III®)
      • Phase resolved wave model for breaking waves
      • Laws for breaking waves statistics
    • Databases
      • Giant wave measurement campaigns (geometry and kinematics) off Ushant Island initiated in winter 2017 and still ongoing

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    Photo credit: AJS1 / Pixabay

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