Ecosystem approach of the impact of offshore wind farms


    The list of partners indicated on this page is progressive and non-exhaustive.


    Support to engineering consultancy firms, farm developers and government offices in addition to impact studies in order to qualify the influence of ORE projects on the ecosystem

    • Construction of 0 to 2-dimensional (Ecopath, Ecosim, Ecospace) or statistical (linear inverse) models to represent the food web functioning of the ecosystem
    • Scenario testing (climate change, fisheries, marine protected area or marine reserve, etc.)
    • Description of the evolution of the ecosystem under the different scenarios by applying environmental health indicators


    Several collaborative R&D projects focusing on the ecosystem and socio-ecosystemic approach of ORE

    • Modelling the impact of the future offshore wind farm in Calvados on the functioning of the food web in the Bay of Seine, taking into account the effect of climate change (TROPHIK Project)
    • Modelling of the impact of the future floating wind turbine pilot farm at Groix & Belle-Île on the functioning of the socio- ecosystem (APPEAL Project)
    • Predictions of ecosystem functioning in the areas of the future Dunkirk and Leucate wind farms through forcing of ecosystem models and simulations of various scenarios, proposal of new quantitative and spatialised indicators of ecosystem services related to offshore wind energy (WINDSERV Project)


    Teams of biologists with complementary skills: benthic ecology, marine megafauna, avifauna and ecosystem modelling

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