Characterisation of biofouling and deployment of measuring buoys


    Project management assistance for consultancy firms, farm and technology developers in the characterisation of biofouling and the deployment of measuring buoys on site

    • Identification of system components sensitive to biofouling, definition of dedicated characterisation and monitoring protocols
    • Dynamic design of buoy + anchor systems
    • Proposal of biofouling sampling solutions, management of subcontracting for the construction and assembly of the devices, definition of adapted installation procedures and selection of service providers
    • Follow-up of installations once deployed at sea
    • Analysis of the data collected for translation into parameters that can be used for engineering purposes


    Several R&D projects dealing with the characterisation of biofouling and/or requiring the deployment of buoys for measurement

    • Development of biofouling characterisation protocols and analytical methods for engineering (ABIOP+ project)
    • Characterisation of biofouling on the tidal site of Ria d’Etel (ELEMENT project)
    • Constitution of a hydrodynamic database in the presence of full scale macrofouling (OMDYN2 project)
    • Deployment of a special brand instrumented buoy and a wave recorder on the Mistral test site (MEMOFLOW observatory)
    • Design of the mooring system and deployment of a measuring buoy on the site of the future floating wind pilot farm at Groix & Belle-île (APPEAL and ABIOP+ project)
    • Validation with sea trials of tools for modelling the mechanical behaviour of nylon fibre lines (MONAMOOR project)


    Teams with complementary and cross-disciplinary expertise: physical oceanography, structure calculation, offshore monitoring, marine biology and ecology

    Dedicated instrumentation

    • Stereo video cameras to film waves propagation in real time and in 3D in a 100 m square
    • 4 measuring cages and instruments that can be attached to them: ADCP 5-beam, hydrophones, acoustic receivers, stereo video, camera, multi-parameter probes
    • Video system with anti-fouling protection that can be deployed up to 200 m depth
    • Structure for the deployment at sea of mooring line coupons

    Digital tools

    • DeepLinesTM licence
    • Nylon anchor line behaviour module interfaced with DeepLinesTM
    • NEMOH for the seakeeping of the floats


    • Alderney Race: hydrosedimentary processes, high-resolution measurement of currents and turbulence
    • Biofouling along the French coasts : protocols, measured data and data from the literature
    • Hydrodynamic tests: loads in the presence of full scale macrofouling in current only and oscillating flow with and without current


    • Quillien N. et al. (2018) Bibliographical atlas of biofouling along the French coasts in the context of ORE. Plouzané: France Energies Marines Editions, 70 p. > Order

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