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National resource centre for offshore renewable energies

A national resource centre under development

The France Energies Marines resource centre will meet the need of the French ORE sector for centralised access to available resources. It will be interoperable with other existing French and international initiatives in this field. This resource centre will promote collaboration on development strategies between the various stakeholders. Access to French resources and associated infrastructure and expertise can provide cost reduction opportunities for the development of ORE projects.

The resource centre will be in the form of a web portal and will provide access to information describing resources useful to the ORE sector, such as site characterisation data, environmental data, technological components and systems data, as well as reports, methodologies, recommendations, bibliographies, impact studies and other information from France Energies Marines’ R&D projects in particular.

These resources will facilitate users’ choices during the various development, maintenance and dismantling phases of their offshore projects, by enhancing the value of the data and including sector-specific recommendations. Search tools will be available in order to identify relevant information based on keywords, or with the use of a cartographic interface. All resources will be described with metadata and their access will be either direct (immediate download) or clearly identified with location and ownership information.

A monitoring and advisory committee has been set up to support the Institute’s team in the different phases of the project. It brings together several key players in the French sector as well as international teams that have set up similar tools: Office Français de la Biodiversité, France Energie Eolienne, RTE, SHOM, Ifremer, Cerema, the Marine Energy Research & Innovation Center in Chile and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in the United States. See you in winter 2021 for the inauguration of the portal.

A collection of publications resulting from R&D work

In 2018, France Energies Marines launched a publishing activity in order to bring together in a single collection books resulting from R&D work. Several recommendation reports, bibliographical summaries and teaching bulletins have already been published or are in the process of being published.

  • May 2021 Characterisation of the potential impacts of subsea power cables associated with offshore renewable energy projects. Taormina et al., Plouzané: France Energies Marines Editions, 2021, 74 pages > Download
  • December 2020 | Recommendations for the quantitative assessment of metal inputs in the marine environment from the galvanic anodes of ORE structures. Michelet et al., Plouzané: France Energies Marines Editions, 2020, 34 pages > Download
  • December 2019 | COME3T Bulletin N°2 – Does the colonisation of ORE farms facilitate the introduction and spread of non-indigenous species? Nexer M. et al., Plouzané: France Energies Marines Editions, 2019, 11 pages > Download
  • December 2019 | COME3T Bulletin N°1 – Can fixed-foundation offshore wind farms generate dangerous waves? Nexer M. et al., Plouzané: France Energies Marines Editions, 2019, 11 pages > Download
  • November 2018 | Bibliographical Atlas of Biofouling Along the French Coasts in the Context of Offshore Renewable Energy. Quillien N. et al., Plouzané: France Energies Marines Editions, 2018, 70 pages > Order
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