Site Characterisation R&D Programme Manager (F/M)

  • Reference : FEM-SAS-2021-230
  • Localisation: Brest (29), Nantes (44), Marseille (13) - France Energies Marines
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Job Description

Site Characterisation R&D programme of France Energies Marines deals with the estimation of marine energy resources and the constraints to which offshore renewable energy converters are subject, with a focus on land-based and floating offshore wind technologies.

The objectives of this programme are to improve the characterisation of all the parameters of the physical environment of ORE farms through the deployment of R&D activities addressing the following challenges:

  • Reduction of uncertainties on the producibility, particularly wind power;
  • Reduction of uncertainties on design conditions: wind, turbulence, sea states in average and extreme conditions;
  • Characterisation of interactions between ORE activities and coastal morphodynamics.

All of these challenges must be addressed in the context of climate change.

In order to meet these objectives, the research programme covers a broad spectrum of R&D topics in the fields of modelling and observation of the atmosphere and the coastal ocean. All of these fields must be the subject of a technological watch. The work carried out by the programme team on site characterisation is done in collaboration with the teams of the other three programmes and the position requires, if not knowledge, at least curiosity for the themes of technological R&D and environmental integration applied to ORE.

The programme’s activities include research activities carried out in national and international collaborative projects, as well as more direct contributions to the industry through support in the form of service offers. The results are promoted through scientific publications, recommendations, communications, expertise and training activities, as well as services.


Under the authority of the Executive Director General, the Site Characterisation R&D Programme Manager has a dedicated team of researchers, engineers and technicians, who are assigned to the tasks of project leaders, project managers, post-doctoral and doctoral students, and with whom:

  • He/she leads the scientific steering of the Programme, ensuring a strategic positioning and vision of its evolution, in liaison with the Scientific Director and the Head of Development and Valorisation;
  • He/she provides the France Energies Marines team with expertise in his/her field of scientific competence (characterisation of the atmosphere, sea states, currents applied to MREs), particularly in relation to the needs and developments carried out on test sites, pilot sites and national and European commercial sites;
  • He/she develops, coordinates and participates in scientific projects and service offers on the themes described above, through direct management of certain projects and delegation to his/her project leaders. The collaborative dimension of the majority of projects conducted at France Energies Marines must be taken into consideration at all stages;
  • He/she ensures that the work is carried out properly and that the contractual and financial aspects are respected, in conjunction with the Administrative, Financial and Legal Manager;
  • He/she is in charge of developing partnerships around the Programme’s themes, including the adhesion of new members in order to federate all the key players in R&D in the field of ORE;
  • He/she identifies national, European or international calls for projects or calls for tenders to which it is relevant for France Energies Marines to respond on the above-mentioned themes, alone or in association with its members;
  • He/she manages the human and administrative aspects of the development of his/her team with the hierarchical authority entrusted to him/her.

Required Skills

Initial training
PhD or a general engineering degree in atmospheric or oceanic physics, or more generally in fluid mechanics applied to subjects close to those dealt with in the Site Characterisation R&D Programme

Work experience
• At least 8 years’ experience in a design office, laboratory or industrial company in the offshore, naval or renewable energy sector
• Strong experience in team management (> 8 PhDs, engineers and students), workload management and planning

Specific knowledge
• Conduct of multidisciplinary research or industrial projects with a significant R&D component
• Mastery of one or more of the scientific fields of interest to the Programme
• Numerical modelling
• Experiments at sea
• Survey of knowledge, evaluation of issues, dialogue between stakeholders, analytical approaches
• Writing of reports, recommendations, publications in scientific journals

• Good knowledge of the renewable energy sector, in particular marine energy


Professional qualities
• Good writing skills
• Fluency in English, both written and spoken
• Versatility, organisation, autonomy, ability to make proposals
• Scientific rigour and critical analysis
• Reporting skills


Job : Site Characterisation R&D Programme Manager (F/M)

Reference : FEM-SAS-2021-230

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