Postdoctoral position in large eddy simulation for wind energy application (F/M/X)

  • Reference : FEM-SAS-2024-280
  • Position type: Fixed-term contract
  • Duration: 18 month
  • Localisation: Toulouse (31) - CNRM
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Job Description

NEMO is an international project led by France Energies Marines and Fraunhofer IWES, which started in November 2023 and spans over 30 months. This initiative brings together a consortium comprising both academic and industrial partners, fostering collaboration and leveraging expertise from diverse domains to address the complex challenges associated with offshore wind energy.

The primary goal of NEMO is to develop innovative methodologies and tools for a comprehensive assessment of turbulence at potential offshore wind sites. By doing so, the project aims to alleviate uncertainties surrounding turbulence characterization, thus enabling more precise design considerations, and enhancing the financial feasibility of offshore wind projects.


As a postdoctoral researcher in wind turbulence modeling, you will spearhead the execution of advanced research tasks aimed at enhancing our understanding of wind turbulence dynamics and their impact on offshore wind energy systems. Your primary responsibility will involve setting up and calibrating high-fidelity Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) models to assess both vertical and horizontal turbulence variability. This entails leveraging state-of-the-art numerical modeling techniques, particularly the Meso-NH model, to resolve the intricate physics of turbulent structures within the marine atmospheric boundary layer.

You will collaborate closely with leading institutions such as CNRM and Fraunhofer IWES, playing a pivotal role in validating LES simulations against real-world observations, including data from lidar profilers and scanning lidars. The first step will be to select the cases to be simulated based on meteorological conditions and turbulence observations. By conducting comprehensive analyses of turbulence characteristics under varying environmental conditions (e.g., wind speed, direction, stability), you will contribute to refining turbulence parametrizations crucial for mesoscale models like WRF or AROME.

Furthermore, you will lead efforts to characterize the vertical and horizontal evolution of turbulence, bridging the gap between onshore and offshore measurements to derive representative turbulence metrics essential for wind energy applications. Your findings will not only advance scientific knowledge but also inform practical strategies for optimizing wind farm design and operation in offshore environments.

This role offers a unique opportunity to engage in interdisciplinary research at the forefront of renewable energy technology, with the potential to make significant contributions to the sustainable development of offshore wind resources. As part of a dynamic research team, you will have the freedom to explore innovative methodologies and contribute to publications in high-impact scientific journals, present your work at international conferences, thereby enhancing your professional profile within the academic and industrial communities alike.

Required Skills

Initial training
PhD degree in atmospheric science or fluid dynamics or with a focus on wind energy or any relevant discipline

Specific knowledge

• Strong background in turbulence theory and modeling
• Knowledge of atmospheric dynamics
• Experience with LES model setup and validation
• Programming languages such as Python or MATLAB

• Previous experience in wind energy research
• Familiarity with lidar technology and its application in turbulence measurements
• Knowledge of air-sea interactions
• Familiarity with mesoscale modeling (e.g., AROME, WRF, UM, ICON, Meso-NH)
• Experience in parameterization development and validation

Professional qualities
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Excellent communication and collaboration abilities
• Capacity to work independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team
• Demonstrated ability to publish research findings in peer-reviewed journals

In accordance with the regulations, priority will be given to people with disabilities who are equally qualified.

WARNING: If you are unable to submit your application via our website, please send it by e-mail to, specifying the job reference in the subject field.


Job : Postdoctoral position in large eddy simulation for wind energy application (F/M/X)

Reference : FEM-SAS-2024-280

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