IT Engineer (F/M)

  • Reference : FEM-SAS-2021-058
  • Localisation: Brest (29) - France Energies Marines
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Job Description

France Energies Marines is responding to the growth in the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector by expanding its expertise and workforce. Until currently, information technology and management needs at the institute have been met by skills found within the France Energies Marines team and by temporary hiring solutions based on individual project needs. Today, both the recurrent computer science needs and management of the computer infrastructure merit the hiring of a permanent computer engineer.

This newly created position at France Energies Marines will bring together responsibilities for developing information tools within the institute’s collaborative R&D projects, for internal longer-term development of computer-oriented solutions for data storage, access, analysis and dissemination, and of general responsibility for the institute’s computer infrastructure.


Collaborative R&D projects

In preparation for the future Offshore Renewable Energies resources center at France Energies Marines, the successful candidate will continue (basic architecture and functionality exist), finalize and maintain the development of a web-based tool allowing access to relevant information and other assets deemed valuable for the development of the ORE sector in France. Responsibilities include managing off-site server infrastructure, web-based communication and data storage, query and display (open-source web solutions).

The IT engineer will help transition the currently funded development project into a permanent resources center for the Institute which will continually grow thanks to the constant arrival of R&D project results and other nationally/internationally available resources.

In addition, the IT engineer will support variable Institute IT development needs arising from newly launched R&D projects. Examples of IT tool developments that may be undertaken by the Institute include in-situ experimental data collection (interfacing with measurement instrumentation), storage, treatment, analysis, display and dissemination, or routines/algorithms used in information processing and interpretation.

Computer infrastructure

While the current computer network is managed by external expertise (safeguarded storage, secured professional network, account management, web tools, etc.), the IT engineer will be responsible for preparing, maintaining and renewing the computing infrastructure of the Institute, including:

  • Secondary local and off-site data storage (organizing, maintaining and expanding when necessary);
  • Selecting, purchasing, preparing and maintaining portable and fixed computing solutions for Institute personnel;
  • First level help with employee difficulties with the computing infrastructure (external expertise available as mentioned above);
  • Liaising with the off-site managers of the Institute’s network and shared IT resources for organization and evolution.

In engaging with the responsibilities detailed above, the IT engineer will be expected to participate in the definition of temporary hiring needs to fulfill specific Institute and project computer science needs. As a result, this position will entail frequent interactions with Institute researchers, engineers and managers in order to anticipate future computing needs and will offer opportunities for teamwork alongside information technology interns and temporary personnel engaged in any of the aforementioned activities.

Required Skills

Initial training
Engineering degree specializing in computer technologies

Specific knowledge


• Engineering degree in computer science
• Experience in Full Stack web development (front-end and back-end)
• Experience in Test Driven Development
• Knowledge of and experience in Web GIS
• Database management

• Application of AGILE development strategies, especially SCRUM methodology
• JavaScript, especially Angular framework
• Skills in Python programing and database management
• Good knowledge of Github/Gitlab
• Experience in big data
• Cyber security experience
• Experience with network computing

Work experience
Minimum of 3-5 years of experience in a context of IT development, ideally for scientific applications

Professional Qualities
• Strict scientific rigor and critical analysis skills
• Work organization and optimization skills
• Capacity and taste for working in a team environment
• Good communication skills in French and English
• Openness and curiosity

This position is open to people with disabilities.


Job : IT Engineer (F/M)

Reference : FEM-SAS-2021-058

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