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1) Chercheur post-doctoral en modélisation des vagues et leur déferlement dans les états de mer extrêmes


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Le projet DiMe Recrute!


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1) Chercheur post-doctoral en modélisation des vagues et leur déferlement dans les états de mer extrêmes

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Les partenaires SHOM et CEREMA dans le projet collaboratif DiMe de France Energies Marines recrutent un chercheur port-doctoral.

Postdoctoral scholar – modeling waves and breaking in extreme sea states

DiMe, a multi-partner project coordinated by France Energies Marines (franceenergies- marines.org) and including IFREMER (ifremer.fr), SHOM (shom.fr) and Cerema (cerema.fr), seeks a postdoctoral scholar.

DiMe is an exciting project aiming at improving the description of extreme sea state with a focus on wave breaking for Marine Renewable Energy applications through advances in physical understanding, observations tools and numerical modeling.

The aim of the postdoc will be to investigate wave breaking in extreme sea states with a focus on the implementation of innovative wave breaking dissipation source terms in a spectral wave model (WaveWatchIII).

This work will be done in collaboration with the observational team of of DiMe who will provide wave breaking observations in extreme conditions. Observation of extreme breaking waves are currently  being collected from a lighthouse fully exposed to storm waves (see the first images of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OEk1CJ_tS5s). Contribution to the field work is also possible depending on the motivation of the candidate.

The postdoc is further expected to validate his developments in the model with a large dataset of wave observations collected in coastal and nearshore waters (Iroise sea) and featuring several extreme storms.

The postdoctoral scholar will be based in SHOM, Brest, France, working with researchers Fabien Leckler (SHOM), Jean-François Filipot (France Energies Marines) and Bertrand Michard (Cerema).

We are seeking a candidate who has the capacity to develop his own independent scientific inquiries for the development of improved parameterization of the wave breaking dissipation source terms.

Specific duties will include:

  • Develop a good understanding of the wave breaking process for the development of sound wave breaking source term,
  • Work in collaboration with the observational research team on the design and exploitation of the wave breaking field experiments,
  • Work in collaboration with the DIMe team for the development of new parameterization for the wave breaking statistics and dissipation source term for extreme wave conditions,
  • Implement the corresponding source terms in WaveWatchIII,
  • Help deploying and managing the WaveWatchIII model on the area of interest,
  • Validate the developments implemented in WaveWatchIII with an extensive data

Minimum qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in oceanography, atmospheric science, environmental engineering, fluid dynamics, or another closely-related subject
  • Knowledge of ocean surface wave physics.
  • Wave modeling experience involving code development.
  • Significant computer programming skills in Matlab and/or Python
  • Knowledge of computer operating systems, networks, software packages, and data management.
  • Data analysis and documentation skills.
  • Verbal communication skills for collaboration.
  • Fluency in English,
  • Written communication skills for writing reports and documenting work.
  • Graphical design skills for preparation of final reports and presentations.

Preferred qualifications:

  • 3 or more years of experience running and developing numerical wave models, resulting in at least one scientific publication.
  • 2 or more years of experience attending scientific conferences to present their work.
  • Skills and knowledge of digital image processing techniques.

The contract will be 19 months, and will be administered by SHOM and CEREMA.
Hiring regulations require the successful candidate to pass a security background

The position in open till July 31, interviews will be scheduled in the firt half of
September and the contract is expected to start before the end of 2018.

For more information, or to apply, please contact

Fabien Leckler (fabien.leckler@shom.fr)

JF Filipot (jean.francois.filipot@ite-fem.org)

Bertrand Michard (Bertrand.Michard@cerema.fr)

Applications should consist of:

  • Cover Letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Contact information for three references